How to Drive 10x Conversion Leveraging MOBILE

By Gary Schwartz

Mobile commerce is not only about payment but the ability to optimize the path to this payment. Farhan Ahmad, Director of Emerging Payments at Discover Financial Services, the issuer of the Discover Card, the third largest credit card brand in the United States, explains, “Mobile payment is a small subset of mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is primarily about shopper engagement and marketing”.

What are the mobile marketing mechanisms to engage with the mobile shopper? Twitter’s micro blogging, Facebook’s community building, FourSquare’s crowd sourcing and Google Deals all are valuable tools but any brand or retailer that is committed to a digital strategy across all their customers’ screens, needs to establish a direct relationship with the shopper.

The only two-way targeted channel to move the shopper across the retail touch points is via the shopper’s mobile phone number. Why? Because once a permission-based relationship is established between the shopper and the retailer, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, or Apple should not disintermediate this relationship. In order to improve brand recall and conversion rates, mobile messaging needs to be targeted and personalized.

Like other D2C (direct-to-consumer) channels, mobile messaging should deliver concrete results.  A good mobile marketing service provider will be able to show the brand a projected Return-On-Investment (ROI) calculator. Key to building a loyalty channel strategy is to articulate how you intend to effectively opt-in the shopper, what are your key-performance indicators including which retail touch points you need the loyalty channel to connect to in order to drive your sales.


RFID & Mobile Retail: Moving From Efficiency To Engagement









By Gary Schwartz

National Retail Federation Show, New York City: This week the old Javits Center in the New York hosted retail folk from across the U.S. and shed some light on a technology play that may define a new industry I call Retail 2.0.

Indeed, the reality of a connected shopping experience with smartphones at the center may not be far off. However, this show was proof to me that we have to get past our focus on technology (and B2B) and walk in the shoes of our customers (understanding that it’s B2C that is really at the core). And, since it is about the shopper experience, it’s clear that winning Retail 2.0 strategies will be the ones that bring CIOs and CMOs to the table.