2012 Primary: Changing the Game in Retail “Politics”

Just as brands increasingly strive to establish long-term relationships with consumers, U.S. presidential candidates need to change their tactics to more permanently engage a media-driven and mobile citizenry.

It is always at this juncture in the primaries, when candidates are clawing for last-minute positioning, that it becomes transparent to the public that the election process is eerily similar to selling a product in a hugely competitive retail market.

All the techniques that Proctor & Gamble or Coca Cola use to market their products and drive sales are (if unnaturally) the same as those embraced by the candidates in the 2012 presidential election.

It is an interesting comparison. Let’s break down the retail ecosystem from manufacturing to final sale. Products are bought based on their function (or the service that they deliver), brand recall, brand loyalty, convenience, and, of course, price.