Apple feels Gravity

Jefferies & Co discovers gravity and Apple’s stock plummets. The Wall street pundit says that iPhone slowdown is “real and material” and here for the long haul.

But the most interesting part is the justification Jefferies analyst Peter Misek gave. Misek explained when discussing Apples move from iPhone’s 3.5-inch and 4-inch screens to screens of 5 inches:

“We think Apple is losing the screen-size wars.”

This is the story.When Apple defensively launches an alsoran screen size offered by rivals such as HTC, Nokia, and most pointedly the screen king, Samsung Electronics then the aspirational brand is no longer aspiring.

Screen size will continue to be the dominate discussion and the defining business differentiator. Understand the “consumer’s journey” and produce the size that suits his or her mobility needs.

The iPad invented couch commerce and Apple understood and capitalized on the consumer’s at-home portability needs.

However, in a fast-moving screen war, Apple has not been aggressive over the past four years. Beware falling apples.