Mobile, Dating & George Costanza in 100-degree NYC

Gary Schwartz, author of The Impulse Economy and the upcoming book: FAST SHOPPER . SLOW STORE, braved the 100-degree New York weather to speak about the origins and future of impulse purchases and how mobile feeds into it.

The crowd – who found out about the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) FlashCon through Twitter and Facebook – were entertained and educated by tales of dating, gumball machines, and George Costanza! Here is some of the street fair: The full versions of both this FlashCon and Gary’s interview back at DMA HQ with Paul McDonnough are now available on the DMA’s YouTube channel.

Impulse infograph: print + mobile = new proximity media buy

combining mobile with print to drive engagement

Here is a quick infograph based on statistics on AD spend verses TIME spend on media. If you flip mobile on its head, it neatly makes the print imbalance even out. This is not just graphic magic: it makes perfect industry sense.

The print budget is not going away. By using proximity marketing (NFC, QR, TXT) to activate this media, you create a new retail experience that lives between the physical store media and the internet cloud.